idreamsky games

Company Profile

iDreamsky is a fast growing mobile game enterprise.It is also the only mobile game publisher in China that is invested by Tencent.

The company took only 3 years and 6 months to conduct its initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S. at Nasdaq (Nasdaq: DSKY), since its original establishment in 2011. Its income has multiplied by 50 times from 19.37 million RMB in 2012 to 984 million RMB in 2014. Thus, it was entitled by Deloitte as the fastest growing high-tech company in Shenzhen.In H1 2015, iDreamsky’s total revenue had reached around 800million RMB.

As the largest independent mobile game publishing platform in China, iDreamsky is always committed to the idea of delivering the most refined games and it also redefined the role of a mobile game publisher. Through cooperating with the well-known international developers like Halfbrick,Imangi and Disney, iDreamsky managed to bring the most popular world-wide mobile games into China, such as Temple Run series, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers,Monument Valley, Inside out and etc.

iDreamsky has a solid technical development capability and therefore its business partners has granted the company access to the source codes of their games, allowing for greater control and efficiency in redesigning their games for the China market. That’s why the games are very trendy in China and enjoy hundreds of millions players.

On Analysys’stop 100 mobile game list in 2015, Subway Surfers, Temple Run 2 and Fruit Ninja have ranked the top 3 with a respective MAU of 21.49 million, 13.87million and 10.23million, being way ahead of other mobile games. This has entitled iDreamsky into the list of “The best 50 innovating Chinese company in 2015” from Fast Company. It also commented iDreamsky as an innovating maker of pop mobile game.

iDreamsky is leading the casual mobile game market and it is dominating in Parkour mobile games. In the meanwhile, iDreamsky is also marching towards the mid-core and hard-core online games. So far, it has published Three blade masters, the first 3D title that features martial-art, and the company also works with Eletronic Arts as their exclusive publisher in China for the classic title - Dragon Age the mobile version.In 2015, iDreamsky invited TianCanTuDou, the most famous online writer in China as the Producer of CangQiongBian, which has generated more than hundreds of millions RMB within the initial month of its release, making it one of the hottest online mobile games in China throughout 2015.

Under the fierce competition in the China mobile game market, iDreamsky still has both the largest user base and active users. In H1 of 2015, the average monthly active users on iDreamsky have topped 119 million. According to the report from Analysys international, iDreamsky occupies 28.1% of the total China mobile game publishing market user share, taking the lead among its competitors.

While consolidating its dominating status in the China mobile game market, iDreamsky is working vigorously to expand its business to the oversea.In August 2015, iDreamsky had taken a first step towards internationalization by investing $10million to Rumble, one of the leading game developers in the U.S. In October 2015,iDreamsky had presented Heroes Never Die and Mr. Pumpkin Adventure to the oversea market, both of which hit the Apple store recommend list in over 160 countries.

iDreamsky’s head quarter is located in Shenzhen, and it has different branches in Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, etc. The company has around 700 employees with dozens of foreign staff. Most of them are in early 20s or 30s and they are the main force of iDreamsky. “Simplicity, integrity, and innovation” are the culture of the company and that makes us proud.iDreamsky offers a competitive commission and welfare policy, with a healthy channel for promotion and development. This allows its employees to make progress along with the company.

Our vision is to build a multifunctional platform to serve the mobile internet entertainment users.